Surprising Foods That You Can Freeze

On many occasions I either have made too much for a meal and wasn't sure what to do with the leftovers or just purchased more food than my family could eat.  I cannot stand to waist food. So I decided to do the research to see what foods can be frozen for a later use. Below you will find a list of many food items that can be frozen.  To know how long an item can stay frozen type your food item into Google and add freezer life to the search.  I would suggest that all items being thawed be done in the refrigerator. Remember that some items will change in texture when they have been frozen and some items will not change at all.  I am not a frozen food expert so do your research and surprise yourself on how many items you can save instead of tossing.
1.  Dairy products.  May dairy products can be frozen. Items such as cheese and milk are just a start of the dairy products that can be frozen for a later use.
2.  Backed products.  Many backed items such as breads, cakes and even cookies can be frozen. 
3.  Baking supplies can also be frozen.  I always freeze my flour to keep it fresh. You may be surprised just how many baking supplies can be frozen, everything from nuts to sugar.  Check out your favorite baking item and see how long it can stay in the freezer. 
4.  Veggies and Berries.  Many vegetables and berries can be frozen.  I love to freeze strawberries from my garden and use them in cakes and other tasty desserts later in the year.  Most vegetables and berries can be frozen in one form or the other.
5.  Eggs.  Yes, even eggs can be frozen.  I like to whip them up with some milk and a bit of cheese and freeze them for a fast breakfast later.
6.  Meals.  Of course you can freeze either leftovers or even make several meals for a later date.  I freeze soup, chicken, pizza and many other items for later meals.
As you can see, the list can go on and on.  What is your favorite item to freeze and how do you freeze it?

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