Where to find coupons?

I am happy to tell you that the days of cutting coupons out of the Sunday paper are mostly gone.  Don't get me wrong you can still find coupons in the Sunday paper and I do suggest that you should look through them each time you get an opportunity.  I am glad however, to tell you that there are many other ways to find most if not all of your coupon needs.  These days most of us find our coupon and or coupon codes online.  It is so much easier and faster.  All you have to do is go to your favorite coupon site and start looking for great deals.  There are not only coupons for your normal things such as groceries and household items, but there are also codes for free shipping on most of your online stores.  I do my best to never pay for shipping.  So you may be asking, "How do I find these great coupons?"  Let's start with the shipping codes.  Simply type "free shipping code" for whatever store you are shopping at online.  When you find the code that you need just copy and paste it in the box on the order form of the online store that you are shopping from.  It is a simple as that.  Easy!  Now you may be asking, "What about coupons for the stores that are brick and mortar?"  Most of the coupon web sites make it very convenient to find what you are looking for.  You have many choices of websites to pick from. Once there just click on what you want and print.  It is really about that easy.   You can even go to many of the products websites and get coupons there.  Many if not most grocery stores will also have coupons in the aisles. 
You can even have coupon codes sent to your phone.  Many stores will let you sign up for special deals and then they will send you codes from their store to your phone or email address when they are having special sales.
These small savings on coupons can add up to big savings at the checkout counter.  When shopping make sure that you know when the store sales are being conducted and you can use your coupons along with the in-store coupons and save even more money. 
Many grocery stores have loyalty cards.  Sometimes they are for your wallet and sometimes they are a card that hooks to your key chain.  Either way they work almost like a coupon.  Ask your favorite grocery store if they offer loyalty cards or special saving deals.

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