Saving on your ATM FEES

Are you small ATM fees starting to cost you big money? As we all know if you use your own bank then you will not be charged ATM fees.  We all know this but sometimes getting to our own bank is well … not convenient.  So how do we solve this problem?  I would suggest that you make a list of most if not all the errands that you have to do for the week.  Look closely at this list.  Where is your bank in this long list of running around town?  If possible, swing over to your own bank while you are out taking care of business and get enough money to do you for the week.  Now you have saved money this week because you have not been charged ATM fees.  If you plan your trips around town carefully then you have also saved money on fuel.  One more small saving that will add up real fast. Add up your saving, then drop me a note to tell me them. 

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