10 Things That Used to Be Free

10 Things That Used to Be Free and How do We Get Them As Cheap As Possible?
By  | Sep 17, 2012

We love “free” stuff, whether it’s an autograph after a concert, a towel to wave during football games, or chocolates on a hotel pillow. Sure, we paid for the tickets and the hotel room, but nevertheless, the extras were “free” – and that feels good.
But in recent years, freebies from no-fee checking to in-flight meals have vanished. Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson offers an amusing glimpse into some of the goods and services that were once free but now have a price tag. Well, at least his video is free. So what types of goods and services now require that we pay a pretty penny? And what can we do to make sure we get these items as cheaply as possible? Here are some things to consider:
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