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With money being of such a precious commodity these days I try to only purchase items that I am sure my family will enjoy. When I can, I like to try samples, before I buy a new item. I remember when companies would mail all of us samples as a way of advertising. Those days are long gone. Now if we want a sample we have to go looking for them. So, you may be asking just where does a person find samples these days.
Many department stores have a samples aisle where you can purchase a sample size of certain items. These are usually items such as shampoo or other hygiene items. 
If you look online, you can get other items such as food, perfume, cleaning products, baby items and the list goes on and on. 
I like to look for a sample on the products website. When you see a new item advertised on TV that sounds like something that you or your family would like to try just hit their website. Many times the new item can be gotten as a sample and / or with a coupon offer. 
Many websites offer free samples daily. By now, I am sure that you know that I am a big fan of the AllYou website. You can get a free sample of a different item every day. If you are like me and enjoy free samples then this is a fun place to check out. 
You may also want to go to your favorite department store’s website; this can be a good place to check just check for daily samples. 
With the cost of everything rising, it is better to try a new product through a sample first, rather than purchasing said item at full size and full price then later find out that you don't even like the said item. 
You may also want to type "free samples" into Google to see the list of web sites that offer samples. Free is always a great way to try something new. 
I would caution you to be careful when using "free sample" websites. Most times these sites are great and filled with fun free stuff to try. Occasionally you will find a free sample site that doesn't really send you any of the samples that it offers instead, they are just looking for your email and / or other information to use for their own purposes. So, as always check the site out and be careful. If you know of any other ways to get "free samples" drop me a note and I will share it with my readers.

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