How to Save $500.00 This Year


Everyone is talking about saving money.  Most of the people are saying that they just cannot seem to save any money.  You just might be surprised at how easy it is to save money.  With my simply plan you can start saving this week.  Get yourself an envelope a put ten dollars in it.  Next week do the same thing.  If you continue to do this each week then at the end of the year you will have $500.00.  If you are asking how can I get the $10.00, that answer is easy also.  How much do you spend each week on say a soda or candy bar?  Start putting that money away each week instead of purchasing the snack food.  Now what can you do with an extra $500.00 each year?  Well that choice is up to you and as they say, the sky is the limit.  Start saving this week and make plans for next year with that extra money. 

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