Preparing for Autumn

Autumn is here! This is one of my favorite times of the year.  All the leaves are turning colors and there is a crisp feeling to the air.  Along with the great things of Autumn comes some work.  There are many things to take care of before Autumn is over and old man winter arrives. 

When all the leaves have fallen the first thing that you have to do is clean the gutters.  Some of us have to clean the gutters more often, depending on how many trees that are in your yard.  It is so important to keep the gutters clean of leaves so that the water can run freely.  If the gutters back up the water will run down the inside of your walls causing a very big expensive repair job.  Another job that has to be done this time of year is getting rid of any loose debris that may be on your property. This is also a good time of year to seed any bald patches in your yard and apply fertilizer where it may be needed.  Don't forget to rake the leaves; you would not want them to smother your lawn. In general, this is a time of year to enjoy the outdoors and get your property ready for the winter. Most if not all of these jobs can be a do-it-yourself job.  If you need help knowing what to do or how to do it for this time of year just Google your question or check on YouTube.  Remember if you can do it yourself then you are saving money that can go for something that you enjoy.  Make it a fun family day and include the kids.  Before you know it, the yard will be ready for the next season and you will have saved yourself lots of money.

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