Travel Washing Machine

Okay, I have an idea on how to not only reuse something in your cabinet but to make traveling easier.  Have you ever been in a hotel and needed to wash out just a few personal items?  You know stuff like sock or pantyhose or even "unmentionables", just anything that is little but still needs to be cleaned so it can be reused the following day. I have an idea for you.  

First, let's think about how a washing machine works. You put in your items, some soap, and then the washing machine fills up with water and starts to toss your items around until they are clean.  Then it dumps out the water, adds new water, and repeats the process.  What if you could take something on your trips to do this same process for your small items?  Now you can do just that. Take a big bowl with a lid that fits tightly.  Put in a few of your items, add the water and a few drops of soap and shake, rinse and repeat.  You now have a small portable washing machine.  Just hang the items over the shower rod and in the morning you will have clean clothes.  Now you have a way to keep your small items clean while on your trip.

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