Best Deals On Holiday Travel

Are you traveling for this holiday season?  Do you know how to get the best savings for your trip?

This is the time of year that we all start thinking of how and where we are going to spend the holidays. Are we going to fly or drive or even take a train? Do we need a rental car or a hotel? With all of these choices to make I recommend that you start planning your trip as soon as you can. If you plan early you can travel for reduced fares. Many web sites can offer you a great deal on travel and hotels. If you travel during the week (Monday through Friday), the savings is normally better. Many hotels offer discounts for their weekly guest. Always check to see if you qualify.

According to ABC NEWS these are the best days to purchase Holiday Airfare and the best days to fly this holiday season.

Thanksgiving: The longer you delay, the worse it gets. If your ticket purchase is delayed after Nov. 1, add an average of $5-$10 per day to your airfare total until you finally pull out that credit card and pull the trigger. Waiting will not bring any magical savings.
Christmas: The best time to purchase this airfare is by Nov. 10; after the second week in November you can start adding an average of $5-$10 to your final ticket price for each day you delay beyond that.

Cheaper Days to Fly During the Holidays. You can save money by flying the "cheaper" days. Cheapest days of all: the actual holiday.
Thanksgiving: Cheaper days include the Monday before the Turkey Day (Nov. 19) and Thanksgiving Day itself (Nov. 22). If at all possible, try to avoid flying on the Wednesday before and the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving.
Christmas: You can really save if you can travel a little early, up until Dec. 18; after that, higher prices kick in although as noted flights on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) and New Year's (Jan. 1) are relative bargains.
You can also save by flying cheaper times of the day such as overnights or red-eyes and early morning flights though this can be difficult if traveling with the family. 

The rule for this and any trip is to remember to make your plans early. Have a great time with your family and make new memories this season.

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