In these economic times we need to do all that we can to save money and to keep as much of our money as possible in our own pockets.  I'm writing this blog based on my own personal experiences.  My family and I have used most if not all of these tools to not only get our bills paid but to gain better control of our finances.  There are so many ways to save money and still get what you want, it is just a matter of knowing how to find the tools to help you achieve your financial goals.  These are merely suggestions of tools that I feel could change your financial situation.  I hope to teach you how to become debt free and how to stay that way.
I am not a financial advisor nor will I try to present myself as one.  I would recommend that you read my blog with the idea that these are suggestions.  These tools are to get you out of debt so that you may be in a financial position to start living better. 
I wrote a book on this subject and will blog about many of those topics and will continue adding more money saving topics to give you more ideas on how and where you can save money.  You will find that saving money and getting your finances under control is easier than you may think.
I know that if you follow these ideas you will be on the road to becoming debt free.  Best of luck and get ready to make the changes that will help you get control of your finances.

Save a bundle on your tech bills

By Karen Blumenthal | The Wall Street Journal.com – Wed, Feb 20, 2013 12:50 PM EST

Before you buy another product, consider this: Expenditures on home technology have to come from somewhere. All those bells and whistles—from data plans for smartphones to digital video recorders—are taking an increasing chunk of the family budget, even as household spending has been relatively flat.

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Get Out OF Debt Fast

Get Out Of Debt Fast, But Don't Run
From Money Talks News 

Generally the process of realizing you have money troubles goes like this:
I don’t have a financial problem.
Money feels like it’s getting a little tight.
OMG, I’m in big trouble. I need to find a solution now! The sky is falling. Help. Help. Help.

Financial problems slowly creep up on you, masked by denial, until they smack you in the face and you panic. You want to run.

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