Stay warm and save on heating cost.

As we all know the temperatures are dropping. So how do we stay warm and still save on our heating cost? According to there are six ways to save on your heating cost this year. I have written about all of these Ideas before however, since it is that time of year that the temperatures are dipping again I felt it may be worth reminding you again of these important changes that you can make to help keep your home warm and your utility bill lower.

1. Check your furnace filters each month and replace if necessary.

2. Take a look to be sure you have good airflow around registers and radiators to increase energy efficiency.

3. Sealing up leaks with caulk, spray foam and/or weather stripping will stop air leaks. You will also want to check doors and windows, and caulk, seal and weather-strip any drafts.

4. Keep your blinds up and the curtains open on a sunny winter day to absorb heat. Close them at night to keep heat inside.

5. Put insulation in your ceiling and in the attic, your heat is literally going through the roof. Be sure to get the right R-value for your area.

6. Use a programmable thermostat.

Also always remember, if you need more ideas contact your local utility office and ask for an energy audit. In many states, these are free. So make the call and see what they can do to help you stay warm and save money this winter.

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