Part of living frugal can be making your own products.  When your products are homemade and / or natural products, you know exactly what is in them.  You will not have to worry about what you're doing to your family's health or the environment.  Most store-bought household cleaning products have many harmful chemicals that are toxic.  The less harmful chemicals that we breathe, the less sick we are more likely to become. 
I use several homemade / natural products.  I enjoy making them and knowing that I'm not only saving money but I'm also helping my family's health.  It's amazing how easy it is to make many of these products.
The following is a list of my favorite items that I enjoy using to make these products.

Vinegar and baking soda are my two most used items.  With just these two items, the ideas are unlimited.  I also enjoy using lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol as well as many others.
You can make homemade / natural products for anything from glass cleaner to teeth whitener.  The ideas are literally endless.
I will post different products that can be made with these ingredients as well as others.  Remember that when using homemade / natural products they are usually best if allowed to set on the item that they are working on for a small amount of time.  These products are usually not as harsh as their more chemical counterparts so waiting a few moments will be worth the health benefits.
  As always, with any product try it on a small hidden area to see how it affects the surface before you use it on a larger open area and keep any product away from children and pets. 

What is your favorite homemade / natural product?

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