Other Great Saving Ideas

Use department store shopping bags in your trashcans. This way you are recycling as well as saving.
Use real dishes instead of paper plates. Trust me, this really adds up. The same goes with washable napkins instead of disposable ones.
Run your dishwasher and clothes washer or even your vacuum during peak times.  Your utility company can tell you when the peak times are.  The savings will show on your utility bill.
Keep all air conditioner and furnace filters clean.  Change them once a month, or even better use the washable ones.
Use energy saving bulbs (LED or CFL bulbs).  Keep lights off whenever possible. Use the windows during the winter for both light and help with heating.
During the nice time of the year, use your windows and a fan instead of the air conditioner for even more savings.
If you have two cars, you may want to think about selling one of them.  You will save on fuel and insurance.  Do the regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on your car.  If it is running correctly, it will use less fuel and oil.  If your car is going to last a long time you will need to take good care of it.
Do you rent an apartment?  What would you think about moving to a different apartment with lower rent, or even sharing with a roommate?  Always be careful not to move in with a person that you don't know.  The savings is not worth it if you have to live with a person that you may be incompatible with or possibly a threat.

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