Are you looking for a job with benefits?

I have been thinking a lot lately about our economy, as we all know jobs are very hard to get and jobs with benefits are even harder to find.  Maybe the key word there is benefits.  When we normally think of jobs with benefits, we think of insurance, retirement and so on.  There are many other types of benefits that we need to start thinking about.  These other benefits can also help our families in times like these.  If you are looking for a job, be that part time or full time employment, what about thinking of one that can help you with your shopping needs other than just the obvious paycheck?  Have you ever thought of working for a grocery store or department store?  These jobs not only provide you with a paycheck but also with a discount on the items that they offer.  Now the paycheck may not be much more than minimum wage but after you add in the employee discount benefit for your purchases it will feel like you are making much more.  In short there are many different types of employee benefits and how we see them can make a big difference in where we look for a job.  Next time you are thinking of finding a part or full time job think of what the word benefit means to you.

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