Can I save both money and calories while eating out.

I have heard so many people talking lately about going out to eat on a budget.  Everyone wants to save money and / or save calories.  What if you could do both of these at the same time?  Did you know that you could?  Many restaurants, even fast food restaurants, have cheaper menus and / or even low calorie menus.  Now I am a fast food sort of person.  I want my food fast, and if possible I want it to be both cheap, and as healthy as I can get it.  I try to keep my meals under 400 calories each.  Many restaurants offer this sort of menu along with the normal menus if you want them.  Let's look at McDonalds just for an example.   McDonalds now offers several items that fit in both of these categories.  Most restaurants have their menu marked to show both calorie content as well as prices.  If your favorite place doesn't show both ways to save then just ask for cost and calorie break down, most restaurants will be happy to offer their customers one.

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