Can a budget really work?

How do I create a budget?  Can a budget really help me get control of my finances?  Is a budget hard to use?  Wow! There are so many questions about a budget.  I really feel that there are all these questions simply because most people don't talk about a budget and therefore it is an unknown concept.  Let me clear some of the budget mystery up for you.    
How do I create a budget? Creating a budget is much easier than many people might think.  Just follow these steps.
1.  Write down all of your money coming into the home.  You can do this either on a spreadsheet or on good old fashion paper.  It doesn't matter how it is recorded as long as you record it.
2.  Record all of your money going out of the household.  These items are things such as your bills.
3.  For one month record every things else that you are spending your money on.  I mean everything including the money spent on the snacks at work.
4.  Now look back over the list of things that you spent your money on.  Look for spending habits that you can stop today. 
Did you see anywhere that the money is being wasted?  We can all find small places that we waste money.  Even the small waste will add up.

5.  Now is the time to start making the budget.  Write down every dime that you have to spend and where you plan to spend it.  If the money is spent on paper before you actually send it for real then you're not as likely to waste the money because you will see where it is going beforehand. 
Making a budget is that simple.  Each person will have different things that they can cut out of the waste and add to their save list.  Take a good look with an open mind at where you are spending your money and be very honest with yourself, if you do this then it will not be long and you will get control of your financial situation. 
So yes, a budget can and does work.  It is all about you being totally honest with yourself and being determined to make a change in your financial life.

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