Do you have a stained coffee pot that needs cleaning?

What is an easy way to clean a stained coffee pot? 

We have either all had or have at least seen a coffee pot that is stained.  I know that a stained coffee pot is not a health issue or even a taste issue for that matter.  Personally, I just don't like the looks of a stained coffee pot.  I always feel like clean should be not stained.  Silly thinking I know but that is just me.  So how do we get the coffee stain out?  I would recommend washing the coffee pot with vinegar to get rid of the nasty coffee ring.  Just rinse with warm water after washing.  The vinegar will not leave an after taste.  This also works great on your favorite coffee mug unless you are like many coffee drinkers that I know and don't want your mug washed. 

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