How can I get free groceries?

Free groceries!!!  Can you truly get free groceries?  According to Thrift-o-rama you can indeed get free groceries.  What you have to do is get a free Kroger's credit card.  I am not real hip on the idea of credit cards but if you use it in the way that I have taught you in the past articles then there should not be any problems for later. 

When using this free Kroger's card you get rewarded with a certificate for fee groceries each quarter.  Kroger even gives extra points for using the Kroger's brand items.  This way you are purchasing cheaper, yet still high in quality, items and getting extra points toward the free groceries at the end of each quarter.  When using the Kroger's card you also get a discount on gas. This sounds like a great way to save to me.  Since we don't have a Kroger store where I live I was unable to try this free groceries card out for myself.  For those of you that have a Kroger store in your area if you try this free groceries deal out drop me a line to let other readers know what you think about this free groceries deals. 

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