Habits That Cost Us In Many Ways

We all have habits that are costing us a lot of money; some are even costing us our health.  If you smoke, chew tobacco or drink alcohol it is time to do the math.  How much are you spending per month on this habit?
I know this is not something you want to think about but the habit is costing you in more than just money.  For now, we will just stick to the money end of these habits.
Add up how much money you are spending each month on your habit.  What could you do with that extra money?  You do the math and decide if it is time to get rid of said habit. 
Now, let's talk about the medical risk you are exposing yourself to while using this habit.  You are damaging your health.  Your insurance is higher because of tobacco or alcohol use, so your total cost for your habit is going up.  If you need medical care because of the side effects of your habit, the cost goes even higher.  If you want to quit, and need help stopping these habits, there are many ways to get that help.  I would recommend talking with your doctor and getting a list of options from him or her.
Taking care of yourself is a great way to take care of your family.

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