How can I get medical test at a lower price?


Many hospitals offer certain types of tests quarterly for a much lower price; these are usually called "Health Fairs."  Normally they do not bill your insurance company for tests performed during Health Fairs.
Most often, your hospital will offer these tests for less than you would have to pay if you paid the co-pay on your insurance.  There is a special test that I must have each year.  This test would cost $248.00 if I paid for it out of pocket without insurance, but on "Health Fair" days, it only cost $25.00.

Check with your local hospital to see what types of tests they offer and when they offer them.  You may be able to schedule a routine test during a "Health Fair" to save yourself some money.
Check with your insurance company to see what the co-pay would be if you used your insurance to have your needed test done on a different day.  Always check all of the information to see which way is the best for you.

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