How to find fresh food at a cheaper price?

Finding fresh food at a price that we want to pay can sometimes be a challenge.  Now according to U.S. consumers may pay 3% - 4% more for food next year, as the effects of the country's worst drought since the 1950s work its way onto supermarket shelves, the Department of Agriculture said in its first forecast for 2013.
With food cost raising so rapidly this might be a great time to start helping the local farmers at the Farmer's Market, and in turn, you will be helping yourself.

Farmer's Markets are places that you can buy fresh items at a much lower price than in grocery stores, usually without all the chemicals found on grocery store food.  You might want to buy extra items and freeze them for later.
If you need to know how to freeze the extra items for a later time just type into Google "freeze" along with whatever you wish to freeze.  You will find several creative ways to freeze the items for a later use. 
If you happen to grow your own veggies then the Farmer's Markets can be a great place to make some extra money from your garden.  If it's to buy or to sell fresh items, the Farmer's Market is the place to visit.

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