What can I do with shampoo?

What can I clean with shampoo besides my hair?
Well we all know the obvious thing that shampoo is used for, washing our hair.  The reason we know to wash our hair with shampoo is because that is what the advertisers tell us.  Of course, shampoo is great for getting our hair clean.  However, how it cleans our hair is what I want to talk about today.  The detergents in shampoo are able to break down oils that accumulate on hair into tiny droplets. Once broken down, water is able to rinse the oil, as well as dust, flakes of skin and dirt out of the hair.  This same concept works on other items besides your hair.  Shampoo is great for breaking down the oil or greasy dirt that you get on your clothing as well.  Just wet the item of clothing and put a small amount of shampoo on the oily spot then gently rub and rinse.  You might be surprised just how much better shampoo will clean those hard to clean oily dirty spots than stain remover sticks.  I have found that shampoo will clean oil out of clothing better than normal laundry detergent.  When you try it for yourself you will be amazed.

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