Your Library Can Help You Save Money

Most of us know that our local library has many books.  Strangely enough, many people do not know that the library doesn't stop there.  The public library is so much more than a place to borrow a great book.  Many of them have not only books but they also have movies, magazines, newspapers, and even computers that you can use to access the internet. 

The library is a great source of finding not only entertainment but also it can help in advancing our future.  Did you know that some, if not all, libraries even have access to study resources and practice tests for the SAT, GRE or GED.
In many libraries, you can find books with addresses and contact information of companies that you can send resumes to when looking for a job.
Many libraries have fun days planned for the children to learn about books and even make crafts.  These are all free services from the library that are at your access.  Free is always a big savings. 
Most of us read our magazines and newspapers once and never look at them again.  Instead of buying a subscription, you can visit your local library and still read your favorite articles.
Many times the library will take our used books and magazines to either let others read them or for use with projects that they have for the community.
Contact your local library to see what free resources they have to offer.

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