How can I find free or cheap entertainment?

Most of us enjoy things such as movies, games, and books.  What we don't enjoy is the rising cost of such things.  I have discovered that when using places like Netflix and Red Box I can still find many of the latest movies and video games for a much low rental fee.  You can even reserve a movie or game that you want rent from your phone and pick it up on your way home from work as a fun gamily night surprise.  When you rent these items you will have time to use them and decide if you like them enough to purchase.  If you decide to purchase these items, I suggest that you look for said item online before purchasing.  Most, if not all, of the time I have found better deals at an online store than I can at a brick and mortar store. 
Amazon is a good place to look for deals of this sort.  They have great deals on movies, DVDs, CDS, and books.  You can even get used ones at a cheaper price.  Amazon also has a list of free kindle e-books and android apps for smart phones that change each day.
There are many sites where you can download free magazines.  Type into Google "free magazines or books" and start enjoying the savings.
You can even find and legally watch free public domain movies through the internet as long as you aren't downloading them to your computer.  These are old classic movies, but still entertaining.  There are illegal movie sites with many movies on them but using them is not worth the fines that the government can impose.  It is always better to do your research and find the good, legal movie sites, this way you can enjoy a nice movie and not end up paying a fine. 
As the internet grows and changes daily there will be more and more of these legal movie sites to enjoy.  Therefore, do your research and enjoy a fun night with the family.

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