From Clutter to Profit

Ok we all have rooms in our house that we just cannot stand to look at.  Sometimes these rooms are just messy and if that is the case then this article is not for you. 
The article is for all of you that have more things in your home or garage than there is room for.  I am talking about the clutter … you know the kind that is taking over your life.  Most people have things around the house that they don't even remember being there.  I will help you get the clutter out and regain your home.  Let's take this in small steps.

1.  First thing you should do is find one room or even the garage and only work on that area.  Get a few big boxes.  Put all the "to keep" items in one box, or many boxes if needed, and the rest will go into the "to go". Only do this project on a per room or area at a time plan.  Small steps in this case are much easier for most of us to deal with.
2.  Take everything that is in the "to go" box and set it to the side.  Now start putting the "to keep" items in a nice organized place back in this area.  If you get everything put back and the area still looks cluttered then it is time to get very honest with yourself.  Do you truly need all of those things?  Keep going over all of your items until there is a nice non-cluttered place for everything.
Ok so now you have a box, or many boxes, of things that you don't want or don't need any more.  What can you do with these items?  Here is where the making profit comes in. You have a few choices.
1.  You could have a yard sale.  You might be surprised how much money you will get for the extra stuff in your home.
2.  You could use one of the many online sale sites. There is Craigslist and EBay just to name a few. 
3.  If you have lots of DVDs, games or CDs then Amazon is a great place to sale these items.
There is another idea for your unwanted items.  If you are not interested in the process of getting theses unwanted items sold then you could donate them to a charity.  You most likely will not get money from this option but, it is a great way to get rid of your unwanted items and help someone else at the same time.   
Remember only do this project on a per area basis. Once you have all of your unneeded items removed, your home will feel less cluttered and more comfortable. 
This is a project that I recommend being done a couple of times per year to keep your home from becoming cluttered again.
What do you do to keep your home from becoming cluttered?  What are some of your favorite ways to get rid of the unwanted items?

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