Cut your own hair and save even more money.

I am not a hair stylist but I have cut my hair at home for several years now.  I usually go to the beauty shop maybe twice a year. I have my hair cut in a way that I can maintain it on my own for several months at a time.  The savings of cutting your own hair is greater than you may think.  When I do get my haircut, I spend $15.00 each time.  Since I only get my haircut twice a year that is only $30.00 per year instead of $180.00 for the complete year, a savings of $150.00 each year.  Now I live in a small town where most things cost much less than in a bigger area.  How much do you pay for a haircut?  How much could you be saving?  I even cut my husband's hair.  He is a profession and needs a profession haircut.  I can do all of this at home.  Want to know how to I do this? 

 I use a hair-cutting comb.  This comb is so simple to use.  You simple comb your hair with the proper blade, really it is that simple.  I use the hair-cutting comb every other week to keep our hair looking freshly cut and very professional.  I do however have very thick hair; this is why I go to the beauty shop every six months to get it thinned.  I have tried to use thinning comb and to be honest I just don't have the skill needed to do this properly. 
Now if the hair-cutting comb is not your thing then there is a tool called the Wahl.  It comes with many blades and a great learner's manual.  If you go online and look for haircutting videos, this job just got easier.  It is a matter of how bad you need or want to save money.  The help is out there if you want to learn to start cutting your own hair. If you try, you might be surprised how talented of a hairstylist you could be.

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