How to save money on baby food?

Is there a way to save money on baby food?

Baby food comes in many different brands and with many different ingredients.  Most of the time baby food is very costly and we don't even know for sure what many of the ingredients on the label truly mean.  Do you want to save money and know what you are feeding your baby?  The best way to do this is to make your own baby food.  All you have to do is take whatever your favorite fruit or veggie is and drop it in the blender.  When the baby food is at the proper consistency for your baby, just pour the new baby food into an ice cube tray and cover with plastic wrap and freeze.  Whenever you need to feed your baby just pull the food out of the freezer, thaw a cube or two and feed your baby with confidence.  Now you have fresh homemade baby food when you want it.  You not only have saved a bundle but you also know what is in each bite of food that you are feeding your baby.  What other ideas do you have for saving money on baby food?

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