Halloween Costumes for LESS

It is October again and in a matter of weeks, it will be Halloween.  When my children were young Halloween was filled with lots of excitement.  What costume to purchase was the talk for weeks.  I would always shop at Wal-Mart or Target for their costumes because I know that you can get a good price for a costume at either of these department stores. Now my children are adults but the great prices at department stores still holds.  I have also found that like with many other items you can now get not only a good price online but most of the time a better choice of costumes to pick from. Now of course you cannot try these costumes on if you purchase them online but most of the time it can be returned if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Off the top of my head, I can give you a few online stores that have some of the best costumes and best prices that I know of online.
1. Halloweenexpress.com
2. Buycostumes.com
3. Ebay.com. Ebay is a great place because you can even sometimes bid for an item and get an even better price.
4.  Facebook has some good groups that you can get costumes from.  With many of these groups you can even trade your last year's costumes for one that someone else has, provided of course that both parties like the others costume.
I always advise you to do your research and find the best price for you and your family that fits in your budget.  To be able to compare prices on your costumes or on most purchases for that matter just use the Google shopping tab. 
There are many ways to get both you and your children a great costume this year without breaking the bank.  So do your research and happy trick-or-treating.

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