Frugal Dates / Relaxing Fun Time

We all enjoy going out on a fun relaxing date with the love of our lives or even just a fun time with our friends.  Sometimes it is hard to afford these fun nights out.  I have a solution for this problem.

How about a lunch date?  You can have many of the same great meals at a nice savings when you eat out for lunch instead of supper.  Many restaurants offer great coupons or two-for-one deals for lunch. 

If you have small children and take a lunch date while the children are in school, then you can also save on the babysitter cost. 

If you want to through a movie into the relaxing time then go on the weekend to the matinee.  Movies are also usually cheaper at the matinee price.  Now you have had a nice relaxing time while most likely, only spending half the price.  With these savings, you could go out more often and still stay in budget.

Another fun and less expensive choice would be to skip the restaurant altogether.  You could just pack a picnic lunch and go to a beautiful park.  It isn't about how much money you're spending.  It's about the time spent with the people that you enjoy being with. 

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