Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own garden is a healthy way to feed your family and save money.  You can plant your garden in the ground or in containers.  I like the containers better because I feel that it is an easier way to control the water and food that each plant receives but in the end, it is up to you to pick your own favorite way of growing. 
Instead of running up your water bill to water your garden, make a rain barrel.  You can make a rain barrel from most any clean bucket or barrel that is safe to use.  The ideas are unlimited.  Just make sure that you put a lid with a screen on it to keep out the bugs and protect against small children falling in.  Put the rain barrel under a gutter downspout and watch it fill up with water the next time you get rain.
To control mosquitoes from making a home in your new rain barrel just add a few of drops of cooking oil.  If you wish, you can always purchase a mosquito ring for a few dollars and drop one in each month, either way works nicely to control the little pest.

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