How to get a fast $50 this week, it can be done.

Need to find $50.00 this week?

Ok, so you need to save some money this week.  You want to save this money as easily as possible.  Do you think you can save $50.00 this week without doing without many extras?  You might just be surprised how easy it can be to save money in as little as a week. Just for one week, try these steps.

1.  Pack your lunch instead of buying it at work or school. How much do you send per week on lunches from work or school, what about the sodas or snacks? See the money adding up already?

2.  Put a freeze on your gym membership. Just for this week freeze your membership … do you truly go every week anyway?

3. Walk as many places as you can just for this week.  The exercise will be good for your wallet and maybe even your heart.

4.  For one week go without meat.  The price of meat is on a big rise these days.  How about going meatless for only one week, or even just for a few days this week?  You would be surprised at how many food items have just as much protein and cost much less.

5.  Sell some of your old unused items.  How many DVDs or books do you have that you haven't even touched in a long time?  This may be a money-making idea for you.

Long story short it may be time to look at some of your habits.  We buy things that we don't use or sometimes even remember having.  Look around your house and see what can be sold.  This article is just to make you think of where you may be wasting money and show you how to get a fast $50.00 this week.  What ideas do you have to get money fast if you need it?

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