Get The Best Deal On A Used Car

If you are like me and have had the same automobile for several years then you may be feeling that it is time to replace your vehicle with a newer model.  Many of us cannot purchase a new car and buying a used car may be a bit overwhelming.  We want the most dependable used car on the market that fits in our budget.  None of us wants a lemon so what do we do now? 

The best choice in my mind is to consult the Consumer Report and J.D. Power and Associates U. S. Vehicle studies on used vehicles.  Both of these reports will help us, the buyer, to determine what vehicles age better than others do, and which vehicles have a longer term of reliability. 
Consumer Reports and J. D. Power and Associates bases their reliability ratings on surveys gathered from owners of the vehicles.  These sources asked questions about not only mechanical problems but also any other problems experienced during the first 12-month of ownership.    
With these reports, we have a better chance of getting a great used car and of leaving the lemons on the lot. 
Like always do your research and move slowly.  Know what type of vehicle you are looking for and what your budget is before you ever hit the car lots.  Remember that if you do your research before you go shopping for a car, like any other purchase, then you will be happier with your purchase longer.

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